Everyday Evidence: A Practical Approach
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This enhanced electronic book contains links to video lectures, video demonstrations, presentation slides, and graphics.  It is designed to teach evidence through the lens of trial work.  Using this book will provide a fundamental understanding of the most common evidentiary issues facing lawyers in the courtroom.  Coverage includes how the courtroom is controlled, the responsibilities of counsel, the power of the judge, burdens of proof, relevance, character, exhibits, impeachment, how objections work, expert witnesses, and hearsay.  The use of multiple forms of media to present the information ensures that every learning style can fully participate.  The primary cases that formed evidentiary law in the post evidence code era are covered, but the text is much more than a standard case book.  It includes materials on the black letter law of evidence, copies of the entire current Federal Rules of Evidence, and court testimony dealing with evidentiary law.  The text contains both the Federal Rules of Evidence from 2009, the updated plain language version passed in 2011, and all of the relevant advisory committee notes.  Capturing the possibilities of electronic books for 21st century learning, "Everyday Evidence: A Practical Approach" takes the next step in assisting others in understanding how evidentiary law actually works.

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Everyday Evidence: A Practical Approach

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